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Super Curve 7"

Super Curve 7"

SKU: Supercurve

Extreme Curved Dog Grooming Scissor.

This dog grooming shear has been uniquely designed for the dog groomer to use it with curve facing downwards and then, after the dog groomer has turned the scissor around in their hand, can be used with the curve facing upwards. In other words, this scissor is flippable.

Crafted from Japanese 440c stainless steel, this beautiful extreme curved scissor has been ergonomically designed with a 40 degree curve, allowing it to be used in the natural hand position. It is lightweight and exceptionally comfortable with a ball baring tension screw. 

This style of dog grooming scissor is perfect for Asian Fusion style dog grooming and creating roundness on the dog's heads, feet, legs and rib cages. It is excellent for producing a beautiful finish when used on a correctly prepared dog coat. 

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